bee maxwell

He nacido en  Sudáfrica, 

y resido en el Baix Empordà

Realizo :

Bee's journey into yoga stems from an early love of dynamic movement in the form of gymnastics. She spent most of her childhood and teen years either upside down, practicing or competing in gymnastics.
Stepping into her first vinyasa flow class in her 20's was like coming back home.

Within a few months of finding yoga, Bee packed her bags and left for India, where she thought she'd learn some more yoga, but instead learnt a whole lot about her inner spirit and sense of adventure.
With a few more years of practice under her belt (and a baby) Bee did her first 86 hour teacher training in Pre/Post Natal Yoga in 2011.
A couple of years and another baby later Bee completed her 200 hour teacher training....and then had another baby!

Through navigating her pregnancy and the 'medical system' Bee discovered her passion for working with pregnant woman. She toyd with the idea of training as a Doula but instead started to write a Birth Education course, which honours a woman's journey into motherhood as a rite of passage.

Bee is super excited to be sharing this course which is inspired by the amazing midwives of Indie Birth, who are working to change the birth paradigm.